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Weekly APIs market review (Dec 30-Jan 03, 2020)

2020/01/13 18:04
Weekly review of API market in China

1. Penicillin G 50-55 yuan/BOU. 6-APA 140-150 yuan/kg. Amoxicillin enzymatic method 190 Yuan/kg, chemical method 205 Yuan/kg. Ampicillin enzymatic method 200 Yuan/kg, chemical method 240 Yuan/kg. Sulbactam acid 680-700 Yuan/kg. Sulbactam sodium price stable. Penicillin Sodium 98-100 Yuan/bou. Procaine Benzylpenicillin 200 Yuan/bou. Benzathine Benzylpenicillin 300 Yuan/bou. 7-ACA 350 yuan/Kg. Ceftriaxone sodium 570-590 yuan/kg. Cefotaxime sodium 680-700 yuan/kg. Cefuroxime Sodium 980-1000 Yuan/kg. Cefazolin sodium 980-1000 Yuan/kg. Cefalexin 410 Yuan/kg. Cefradine 490 Yuan/kg. Cefadroxil 490 Yuan/kg. Ceftizoxime sodium 4200-4500 Yuan/kg. Cefixime 1550 Yuan/kg. Cefaclor 1680-1750 Yuan/kg.7-ACCA 1900-1950 Yuan/kg. Cefdinir 3200-3500 Yuan/kg. Cefprozil 1900-2000 Yuan/kg.

Erythromycin thiocyanate 300-310 Yuan/kg, veterinary grade 270-280 Yuan/kg. Azithromycin 750-780 yuan/kg. Clarithromycin 1150-1180 yuan/kg. Roxithromycin 580 Yuan/kg. 4-AA 1800 Yuan/kg. MAP (Meropenem main ring) 2700 Yuan/kg, Crude Meropenem 780-820$/kg.

2. Vitamin C:  quoted price 20-22 Yuan/kg. Vitamin C Phosphate 14-15 Yuan/kg. The future market is not optimistic.

Folic acid: 220-240 Yuan/kg from small producers, 240 Yuan/kg from main producers. 260 Yuan/kg from Huayang.

Vitamin B12: Feed grade 160 Yuan/kg from main producers. Cyanocobalamin 15500-16300 Yuan/kg. .The future market is not optimistic. Heilongjiang & NHU started the trial production.

Calcium Pantothenate: 430 Yuan/kg from main producers. 350 Yuan/kg from small producers. Market prices 340-380 Yuan/kg. Export quoted prices 50-53$/kg. Anhui Tiger resumed the export of Calcium Pantothenate.

Vitamin B2: Feed grade 98-100 Yuan/kg from main producers, 90-95 Yuan/kg from small producers.

Biotin: Feed grade quoted price 300 Yuan/kg from NHU. The transaction prices are mess recently. Market prices: Pure Biotin 5000-8000 Yuan/kg, feed grade 120-180 Yuan/kg. Feed grade quoted price 220 Yuan/kg, pure product 1250$/kg from Zhejiang Shenda since Nov 18.  Pure Biton quoted price 950$/kg, 2% feed grade quote price 150 Yuan/kg from Hangzhou Kexing Biochem since Sep 3.

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 project of Shandong NHU into trial production. Anhui Tiger began to export Vitamin B6 since Oct. Feed grade market prices 140-150 Yuan/kg.

Vitamin B1: Quoted price: Vitamin B1 Nitrate 160 Yuan/kg; Vitamin B1 Hcl quoted prices 220-240 Yuan/kg. Market price: Vitamin B1 Nitrate 150-160 Yuan/kg; Vitamin B1 Hcl quoted prices 200-220 Yuan/kg.

Vitamin E: Feed grade quoted prices 52-55 Yuan/kg from NHU. Output of Jilin Baisha decreased, quoted price 52 Yuan/kg. Haixin Pharm stopped the quoted prices. Feed grade marekt prices 47-48 Yuan/kg. Yimante will resume production in 2nd quarter of 2020.

Vitamin A: 310-330 Yuan/kg from mian producers, transaction prices about 300 Yuan/kg. 280 Yuan/kg from Shandong Xinfa. The import price of Citral continued decreasing, the price is 7.22$ in Oct., 7.5$ in early 2019.

Vitamin D3: Quoted price 90 Yuan/kg from small producers. Market prices 85-90 Yuan/kg.

Vitamin B3: Quoted price 53 Yuan/kg from most producers. It is hard to say the price can increase.

Vitamin K3: Quoted prices: feed grade 55 Yuan/kg (MSB), 70 Yuan/kg (MNB). Producers want to increase the prices.

Inositol: lowest quoted price 20 Yuan/kg. 21-22 Yuan/kg from Haotian Pharm. 24-26 Yuan/kg from Sichuan Bohaoda.

3. Antipyretic analgesics: Paracetamol 70 Yuan/kg (CP grade), 33-35 Yuan/kg for small producers. Analgin 70-71 Yuan/kg. Aspirin 23.5-25.5 Yuan/kg. Ibuprofen 170 Yuan/kg. Caffeine 75-80 Yuan/kg.

4. Saponin 500,000 Yuan/ton. 16-DPA 900,000-920,000 Yuan/ton. 4-AD 480-500 Yuan/kg. 9α-OHAD 480-490 Yuan/kg. ADD 940-950 Yuan/kg. 17α-hydroxyprogesterone 920-950 Yuan/kg. Dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA) 1900-2000 Yuan/kg. Phytosterol 95-100 Yuan/kg.