The 86th API China:

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Weekly APIs market review (Aug 10-Aug 14, 2020)

2020/08/18 10:00


Penicillin G 70-80 yuan/BOU. 6-APA 195-200 yuan/kg. Amoxicillin enzymatic method 180-195 Yuan/kg. Ampicillin Enzymatic method 190-200 Yuan/kg. Sulbactam sodium 850-900 Yuan/kg. Amoxicillin Sodium 650-680 Yuan/kg. Ampicillin freeze-drying 400 Yuan/kg. Penicillin G Sodium 130-150 Yuan/BOU. 7-ACA 440-450 yuan/Kg. Ceftriaxone sodium 650-700 Yuan/kg. Cefotaxime Sodium 700-750 Yuan/kg. Cefalexin 405 Yuan/kg. Cefradine 485 Yuan/kg. Cefixime 1500 Yuan/kg. Cefaclor 1750-1800 Yuan/kg. 7-ACCA 2000 Yuan/kg. Cefprozil 1800-2000 Yuan/kg. Cefdinir 3800 Yuan/kg.


Erythromycin thiocyanate 380-400 Yuan/kg. Azithromycin 900-950 yuan/kg, export quoted prices more than 1000 Yuan/kg. Clarithromycin 1250-1300 yuan/kg. Roxithromycin 580-600 Yuan/kg. 


Ciprofloxacin HCL 205 Yuan/ kg. Levofloxacin Hcl 300-320 Yuan/kg, Norfloxacin 260-270 Yuan/kg.


4-AA 1700-1800 Yuan/kg. MAP 2700-2800 Yuan/kg


Lincomycin Hcl quoted price 350 Yuan/Bou. Export quoted prices 280-320 Yuan/kg.


2. Vitamin

Vitamin C: Quoted prices 28-32 Yuan/kg. The market prices 25-28 Yuan/kg. Vitamin C Phosphate 14-15 Yuan/kg. 


Folic acid: 200 Yuan/kg from main producers. 190 Yuan/kg from small producers. Market prices 185-190 Yuan/kg. 


Vitamin B12: Feed grade quoted prices 145 Yuan/kg. 145-150 Yuan/kg from main producers, Cyanocobalamin 15000 Yuan/kg. 


Calcium Pantothenate: Market prices 70-75 Yuan/kg. The marekt demand is weak. Quoted price 75 Yuan/kg from producers.


Vitamin B2: Feed grade market prices 100-110 Yuan/kg. Now the prices are at the bottom. 


Biotin: Feed grade market prices 130-150 Yuan/kg. Feed grade quoited price 150-200 Yuan/kg, pure product 7500 Yuan/kg. It is said Hegno started to provide the quoted price.


Vitamin B6: Feed grade quoted price 135 Yuan/kg. Marekt prices 130-135 Yuan/kg. The supply exceeds the demand.


Vitamin B1: Quoted price: Vitamin B1 Nitrate 160 Yuan/kg; Vitamin B1 Hcl quoted prices 240 Yuan/kg. Market price: Vitamin B1 Nitrate 155-158 Yuan/kg. Jiangxi Tianxin entered the summer overhaul since July 10.


Vitamin E: Feed grade quoted prices 65-70 Yuan/kg. Quoted price 65-68 Yuan/kg from Jilin Baisha. The market demand is weak. Market prices 60-65 Yuan/kg.


Vitamin A: Feed grade market prices 390-410 Yuan/kg. Quoted prices 470 Yuan/kg from Zhejiang NHU. The other producers didn't provide quoted prices.


Vitamin D3: 500 Yuan/kg from Zhejiang Garden, obviously up. Oter producers didn't follow the action. Feed grade market prices 200 Yuan/kg.


Vitamin B3: Brother Enterprises Co., Ltd 55 Yuan/kg. Anhui Ruibang 54-55 Yuan/kg. Market prices 50-53 Yuan/kg.


Vitamin K3: Market prices: 75-80 Yuan/kg (MSB), 90-95 Yuan/kg (MNB). Brother Enterprises Co., Ltd: feed grade 85 Yuan/kg (MSB), 105 Yuan/kg (MNB).


Inositol: Quoted prices 28-32 Yuan/kg. 35 Yuan/kg from Haotian. 32 Yuan/kg from Weiyu. 25-28 Yuan/kg from Sichuan. Market prices 24-28 Yuan/kg. It is said the transaction prices were 19-20 Yuan/kg form one Jilin producer.



Antipyretic analgesics:Paracetamol domestic quoted price 70 Yuan/kg, export quoted price 40-42 Yuan/kg. Analgin 69-71 Yuan/kg. Caffeine 80-90 Yuan/kg. Aspirin 24.5-25.5 Yuan/kg. Ibuprofen 180-185 Yuan/kg. 



Saponin 530,000-550,000 Yuan/ton. 16-DPA 930,000-950,000 Yuan/ton, up. 4-AD 430-450 Yuan/kg. 9α-OHAD 430-440 Yuan/kg. ADD 900 Yuan/kg. 17α-hydroxyprogesterone 880-900 Yuan/kg. Dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA) 1900-2000 Yuan/kg. Phytosterol industry grade 95-100 Yuan/kg, food grade 100-105 Yuan/kg.